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By David Cooley, DDS
April 13, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: veneers  

Just what are porcelain veneers? A popular and much used cosmetic dentistry service. Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped shells of enamel-colored ceramic. They cover many defects, which mar basically healthy teeth. Your Kalamazoo, MI, dentist, Dr. David Cooley, wants his prospective veneer patients to understand this service well before he proceeds with the two- to three-visit treatment. Learn more about veneers here.

FAQs about Porcelain Veneers

What kinds of defects can veneers remake? Your Kalamazoo dentist places veneers on the front of selected teeth that have defects such as large cracks, chips, small gaps, odd shape and size, dark stains, or mild crowding. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asserts that dental laminates (the other name for veneers) strengthen weak tooth enamel, too.

Who can receive veneers? A thorough dental examination, X-rays, and oral impressions (negative imprints of your teeth used to make a three-dimensional model) formulate the treatment plan. It shows you, the patient, how veneers can change your teeth for the better. Be sure to tell Dr. Cooley how you want your teeth to change.

Are veneers reversible, or do I always have to wear veneers? They are permanent because proper placement requires mild enamel resurfacing. In other words, Dr. Cooley will remove a thin portion of tooth enamel so veneers bond properly over the teeth.

How many dental visits are required? At least two appointments are necessary. One appointment for the initial consultation, imaging, and enamel resurfacing. You'll wear temporary laminates in between appointments. Another appointment for fitting and cementing the veneers in place. Bonding cement is shaded to achieve the most natural-looking blend with teeth adjacent to your veneers.

Are veneers durable? Actually, they are, lasting patients many years. However, be sure to brush and floss your veneers carefully, and get your semi-annual check-ups with Dr. Cooley. Also, avoid chewing ice, peanut brittle, and other hard-textured or sticky dietary choices that could chip or loosen your veneers.

Find out more

Surely, you'll have other questions about porcelain veneers, and Dr. Cooley can answer them all. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Cooley and his team, call his Kalamazoo, MI, office at (269) 345-1021. You will love your new smile.

By David Cooley, DDS
January 26, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Dental crowns are versatile restorations that can be used to address several dental issues. Dr. David Cooley, your Kalamazoo, MI dental crownsdentist, explains how crowns can improve your smile.

Crowns restore and protect teeth

Crowns stabilize teeth and enhance their appearance. The hollow restorations completely encase teeth and are made of tough materials, such as porcelain and gold or a combination of the two materials. They're often used to:

  • Protect Fragile or Damaged Teeth: Damaged or fragile teeth are at increased risk of fracturing. Whether a tooth is weakened by a dental procedure or has become brittle over the years, crowns offer the ideal way to prevent fractures. They're also used to prevent cracked teeth from breaking.
  • Change the Appearance of Teeth: A discolored tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Because crowns cover teeth on all four sides, they're very effective at concealing discolorations caused by large fillings or tetracycline use. Crowns are also a good choice if you would like to improve the appearance of twisted, crooked or oddly shaped teeth.
  • Lengthen Short Teeth: Is one of your teeth shorter than the others? Short teeth can occur naturally or can become shorter if you grind your teeth at night. The problem not only affects your appearance but also changes your bite, the way your teeth fit together. Bite problems can lead to abnormal wear, headache, jaw stiffness and other issues if they aren't corrected. Crowns lengthen teeth, restoring your normal bite.
  • Restore Broken Teeth: Crowns restore broken teeth and also prevent pain due to exposed nerves. Once your new crown is in place, you'll be able to use the tooth once again to bite and chew foods.

Crowns only require two dental visits

It only takes two visits to stabilize or restore a tooth, or improve its appearance with a crown. During the first visit, your Kalamazoo dentist will reduce the size of the tooth and make an impression of your mouth. The impression will be used to create your new custom-made crown. A temporary crown will cover your tooth until the new crown is completed in about two or three weeks. When you return to the office for your final visit, your dentist will check the fit of the crown, make any necessary adjustments and attach it to your tooth with dental cement.

Could you benefit from a dental crown? Call Dr. Cooley, your Kalamazoo, MI dentist, at (269) 345-1021 to schedule an appointment.

By David Cooley, DDS
November 18, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: veneers   cosmetic dentistry  

Improving your smile has become less and less complex thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental veneers. Veneers veneersare perhaps one of the fastest and easiest ways to overhaul your smile. However, determining if you should consider this impressive procedure for your smile can be more difficult than you'd previously anticipated. Learn more about veneers and if you could benefit from them with Dr. David Cooley in Kalamazoo, MI.

What are veneers? 
Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure which focuses on covering the imperfections on the teeth with a shell of super-thin yet durable porcelain. A dental laboratory custom-makes each veneer based on an impression of your mouth to give them the most snug and perfect fit on your tooth possible. This allows your veneer to blend in with your natural smile to give you the look you’ve always wanted.

Do I need to consider getting veneers? 
Veneers can improve the appearance of almost any smile. The main function of veneers is to improve the appearance of the smile, including helping correct aesthetic dental issues such as:

  • slightly misaligned or crooked teeth
  • slightly overcrowded teeth
  • slightly under crowded teeth
  • cracked teeth
  • chipped teeth
  • severely yellowed or discolored teeth
  • misshapen teeth

Dental Veneers in Kalamazoo, MI
Porcelain, thanks to its light-reflecting properties, emulates natural teeth closely, is a durable material used in many restorations and cosmetic dental procedures. And due to the quality of the porcelain used, veneers can last up to 20 years without requiring replacement. However, the life of your veneers depends on the care you provide. This makes your at-home oral care routine a crucial part of keeping both your veneers and your natural teeth healthy and free of decay. To accomplish this, simply brush twice daily and floss at least once. Be sure to see your dentist at least once every six months for examinations and cleanings and for any maintenance your veneers may require. 

For more information on dental veneers and deciding whether they are right for you, please contact Dr. David Cooley in Kalamazoo, MI. Call (269) 345-1021 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Cooley for dental veneers today!

By David Cooley, DDS
September 21, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile but aren't sure if professional or over-the-counter whitening is the best choice? Dr. David Cooley, teeth whiteningyour Kalamazoo, MI dentist, shares some information that will help you choose.

Which is best: professional whitening or over-the-counter?

  • Results: Over-the-counter products are effective in lightening your teeth, but the results may only last a few weeks or months. If you're just looking for a quick boost, an over-the-counter product may be a good choice. However, if you want more long-lasting results, professional whitening is the better option. After a professional treatment, your teeth will stay whiter for several years with proper care.
  • Strength: Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in professional and over-the-counter whitening products. Because drugstore products contain weaker hydrogen peroxide solutions, you may need to use the kits for weeks or months before your teeth begin to lighten. Since professional treatments contain stronger solutions, you'll only need one treatment to brighten your smile.
  • Time: When whitening takes weeks, it's much easier to forget to apply the over-the-counter product faithfully. Unfortunately, if you don't keep up with the whitening schedule, your results may be affected. When you visit your dentist's office in Kalamazoo for a whitening treatment, you'll experience the full effects of whitening in just one hour. If you value your time, professional whitening is a better choice.
  • Safety: Hydrogen peroxide can damage and irritate your cheeks and gums if you don't protect them adequately. Keeping teeth whitening products from these sensitive areas can sometimes be a challenge if you're using a store-bought kit. Unfortunately, sensitivity can last for days or weeks. If you're concerned about sensitivity, professional whitening offers a safer option. Before your whitening session begins, your dentist will apply a protective gel to your root and gums and keep your cheeks and lips from coming in contact with the hydrogen peroxide by using retractors.

Professional teeth whitening offers a simple, safe way to brighten your smile. Call Dr. Cooley, your Kalamazoo, MI dentist, at (269) 345-1021 to schedule a teeth whitening appointment.

By David Cooley, DDS
July 19, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: flossing   gum disease  

It's easy to see why so many of us believe that we can get away with skipping flossing in our daily oral hygiene routine. In our culture of flossinginstant gratification and jam-packed, highly optimized schedules, it can seem practical to dismiss something that takes up time without offering up a visible benefit in the moment. If you don't brush your teeth, your breath smells and your teeth feel gritty, so daily brushing is a no brainer because we can see (and feel) the results right away.

Flossing, on the other hand, is more of a preventive activity, with no immediately visible rewards. Sure, no one wantsto get gum disease, but what are the odds that it'll really happen? Or so the thinking might go. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half of all American adults over the age of 30, or one in two, will develop some form of periodontal disease in their lifetime. So while flossing might seem like something that just needs to be done right before a visit to the dentist to throw him off the trail, skipping it has real consequences that can impact both our oral and general health.

Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment in Kalamazoo, MI

So why is daily flossing necessary, as opposed to once a week or month? And how does the dentist always seem to know when we're skipping it? Dr. David Cooley, a dentist in Kalamazoo, MI, recommends thinking about flossing and oral health in terms of a 24-hour cycle. Like our stomachs, the mouth contains both good and bad bacteria that interact with the food and drinks that we consume on a daily basis. When we don't floss, bacteria begins to accumulate between the teeth and gums, eventually solidifying into a tough layer of tartar and plaque, which leads to gum inflammation and increases the risk of everything from tooth decay to full-blown gum disease.

Once plaque develops it can only be removed by a professional dental cleaning, so like brushing, flossing needs to happen every day in order to be effective. But the time of day doesn't matter as long as you floss at least once every 24 hours, so if morning or lunch time flossing is easier to stick with than in the evening, your teeth will still thank you later.

Find a Dentist in Kalamazoo, MI

You don't have to wait until you develop symptoms to visit a dentist. No matter where you are in your oral health journey, a dental exam and professional cleaning can help you get back on track. For more information, contact Dr. David Cooley by calling 269-345-1021 to schedule an appointment today.