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Posts for: January, 2017

By David Cooley, DDS
January 26, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Dental crowns are versatile restorations that can be used to address several dental issues. Dr. David Cooley, your Kalamazoo, MI dental crownsdentist, explains how crowns can improve your smile.

Crowns restore and protect teeth

Crowns stabilize teeth and enhance their appearance. The hollow restorations completely encase teeth and are made of tough materials, such as porcelain and gold or a combination of the two materials. They're often used to:

  • Protect Fragile or Damaged Teeth: Damaged or fragile teeth are at increased risk of fracturing. Whether a tooth is weakened by a dental procedure or has become brittle over the years, crowns offer the ideal way to prevent fractures. They're also used to prevent cracked teeth from breaking.
  • Change the Appearance of Teeth: A discolored tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Because crowns cover teeth on all four sides, they're very effective at concealing discolorations caused by large fillings or tetracycline use. Crowns are also a good choice if you would like to improve the appearance of twisted, crooked or oddly shaped teeth.
  • Lengthen Short Teeth: Is one of your teeth shorter than the others? Short teeth can occur naturally or can become shorter if you grind your teeth at night. The problem not only affects your appearance but also changes your bite, the way your teeth fit together. Bite problems can lead to abnormal wear, headache, jaw stiffness and other issues if they aren't corrected. Crowns lengthen teeth, restoring your normal bite.
  • Restore Broken Teeth: Crowns restore broken teeth and also prevent pain due to exposed nerves. Once your new crown is in place, you'll be able to use the tooth once again to bite and chew foods.

Crowns only require two dental visits

It only takes two visits to stabilize or restore a tooth, or improve its appearance with a crown. During the first visit, your Kalamazoo dentist will reduce the size of the tooth and make an impression of your mouth. The impression will be used to create your new custom-made crown. A temporary crown will cover your tooth until the new crown is completed in about two or three weeks. When you return to the office for your final visit, your dentist will check the fit of the crown, make any necessary adjustments and attach it to your tooth with dental cement.

Could you benefit from a dental crown? Call Dr. Cooley, your Kalamazoo, MI dentist, at (269) 345-1021 to schedule an appointment.