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Small chips and cracks in your teeth harm their performance and your smile aesthetics, too. Whether you sustained an oral injury or have dental bondingthin enamel, you should address these defects before they worsen. Boost the durability and appearance of your smile with composite resin bonding from your Kalamazoo, MI dentist, Dr. David Cooley. His artistic skill and years of experience will remake those marred teeth for a beautifully natural look. Really, it's amazing what a little composite resin can do.

What is composite resin?

Composite resin has become increasingly popular over the past 30 years because of its versatility in repairing chips, cracks, poor tooth shape, gaps and more. Additionally, composite resin has replaced amalgam fillings for many instances of tooth decay where patient and dentist desire a restoration with both durability and seamless good looks.

Composed of acrylic and glass particles which give it realistic translucency, the composite resin becomes almost as hard as natural tooth enamel, and it lasts for many years of normal use. In just one visit to your Kalamazoo dentist, your dental defects can disappear. Composite resin bonding, also called cosmetic bonding or direct bonding, is safe and quick.

How it's applied

For a successful cosmetic application of composite resin, your tooth must be healthy. That means no deep cracks below the gum line, tooth decay, gum disease or infection. So expect Dr. Cooley to examine your teeth and gums carefully to determine if you are a good candidate for cosmetic bonding.

If you are, he'll prepare the tooth surfaces. These steps allow the composite resin to adhere well to your tooth. Then, the color-matched resin is applied layer by layer, and the Kalamazoo dentist cures each with a hardening light.

Other uses of composite resin

As previously mentioned, composite resin fills cavities. Also, it can even dental bite, bond orthodontic brackets in place, improve tooth color and strengthen and stabilize mobile teeth. Dr. Cooley will devise the treatment plan perfect for your goals and needs.

And don't worry, composite resin is as easy to care for as your natural enamel. Just floss and brush as you normally would, and avoid hard foods such as ice and peanut brittle. Of course, see Dr. Cooley semi-annually for your cleanings and check-ups.

Consult us

Dr. Cooley and his team want you to smile with health and confidence. Composite resin bonding can help you do that. Find out more about it during a one-on-one consultation at our office. Call today for an appointment: (269) 345-1021.